We've Gone Bananas

Did you know that there are over a thousand different varieties of bananas?  At Etlingera Farms, we proudly grow at least five or six of those types.  We have big ones, little ones purple ones, Platano ones, and some pretty ornamental red ones that in spite of being the color of cherries, do not taste anything like them.

There is a section of 2 hectarias that we call the Bananero.  There were, at one time over two thousand banana plats growing in the bananero.  We never bothered to count.  2,000 banana plants sounded like too many for us to eat.  And, selling them sounded too much like work.  So, we just share them with the local wildlife who appear to enjoy the free meal anytime they can get it.

Each time a banana plant flowers, the main stalk dies and three more shoots form in its place.

The volcanic soil of the Bella Vista area seems to be particularly well suited for growing bananas and other Ryzomatic type of plants including the majestic Etlingera elatior from which Etlingera Farms derived its name.


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