I would not normally include food as a category on a webpage about a tropical farm in Costa Rica.  But, the foods of Costa Rica are so rich, delicious, unique, and different that without the food, there would be no adventure. Click here for exotic foods.

Like everywhere, the meal plays a crucial role in Costa Rican life.  Meal time is a scared time in Tiquicia and much importance is placed on what is eaten, how it is prepared, and who it is consumed with.  Being predominantly a family oriented society, a great percentage of meals are prepared and consumed in the home. Typically, a meal is considered wholesome if it is "casero"  Which is the Spanish word for home made.  Or, made in the casa.

In response to this cultural way of life, you'll find soda's everywhere.  The Caribbean is no exception to this rule.  I have at least half a dozen favorite sodas in Guapiles alone that I visit as often as I can. 

Of course there are restaurants catering to every nationality and crusuine throughout Costa Rica.  The vast majority of those restaurants that we have been to in Costa Rica that are not sodas, are mostly a cross between fast foods and cafeteria style.  They tend to lack that casero atmosphere.