As you familiarize with Costa Rica, you soon begin to realize there is a unique difference between a Soda, and a Restaurant.  A soda is very casual eatery you may find in the road.  It is usually installed in the porch of a home or small open garage called "COCHERA" with a set up of few tables. It is homemade typical Costa Rican food in a beautiful casual atmosphere at very reasonable prices.  It is a great opportunity to flavor fresh homemade foods served in a combination plate consisting of rice, beans, salad, platano maduro and a choice of meat, chicken, beef or fish.  This dishes are called "CASADOS". As you travel the roads and towns of Costa Rica, you will have the opportunity to see plenty of local sodas and of course, restaurants as we know them.  

When in Costa Rica, please treat yourself to a great casado; you'll be glad you did!


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