At the time that we purchased this property, we had a set of goals.  We enjoyed the simple life of campesinos while living in our own private, 77 acre, natural reserve.   During the time we lived there, we made a few improvements to the place, and with our planting of 20,000 trees, we made a mega contribution to mother earth.


It is our sincere wish that our trees sequester tons of carbon dioxide until a time when their woods can be used to benefit mankind by building things of use and beauty, while generating profits to those who harvest them.


But, we have fulfilled our purpose in Costa Rica.  Our connections and ties to this beautiful country no longer exist as they once did. 


We are now deeply involved in our stateside activities and do not believe we will have the ability to continue our Costa Rica dream any time in the foreseeable future.  The land is inspiring, magical, beautiful, fertile, full of trees, and has an abundance of decent usable structures on it.  But, we simply cannot be there. 


As hard as it is to let go of our dream, it has now been 7 years since we have enjoyed a life in Costa Rica, and it just seems a crime to hold on to such a gorgeous natural resource, when we could make better use of the money, and other’s could make better use of the land.


We have therefore decided to offer Etlingera Farms for sale.